Supernatural Film “La Madame” On Location in Florence

Carlos Rosales
Film Directory & Producer Carlos Rosales

Carlos and Roberto Rosales of CS Digital Productions, based in Columbus, Mississippi, are creating an independent fantasy/vampire film titled La Madame, to be released in August of 2015. The movie will feature extras from the living history group Zholdak Kozaky and outdoor scenes in Wildwood Park in Florence, Alabama.

La Madame is Carlos and Roberto’s fifth film.  It’s an epic, multi-generational tale that covers the history of a family that has vampiric ancestry, spanning multiple decades and continents, drawing the viewer into a world of secrecy and violence.  The story begins in Transylvania in the year 1876, establishing the eerie scene in a secluded castle high above a sleepy village.  Disgruntled townsfolk, weary of the evil that emanates from the castle, gather to chase its inhabitants, sisters Draguta and Dumitra, from their dark din of depravity.  The story leads the viewer down a series of shocking twists and turns to a memorable and thought-provoking ending.

Casting for the film began in 2013, and soon after principal photography was commenced in historic Columbus and West Point, Mississippi.  From there, the filmmakers traveled to New Orleans to film additional scenes.

Behind the Scenes of La Madame
Rosales reviewing the script with Gregory Lee Bowling, extra in La Madame

Almost sixty extras from Zholda Kozaky and the Alabama Renaissance Faire  completed a pivotal scene in a forest near Wildwood Park.

Over eighty percent of the movie has been filmed, and then will head to post-production.  Carlos told Shoals Daily that he expects to be done with the movie later this year and will be sending the completed movie to the Sundance Institute, a world-redound venue for independent media.

La Madame will be debuted in Columbus and Florence in August of this year.  Carlos was proud of the assistance that Alison Stanfield, Assistant Director of the Florence / Lauderdale Tourism Board provided in location assistance and promotion.  He also wished to thank Judy Carpenter from Mississippi and Cherri Fuller from Alabama, both serving as assistant casting directors for the film.

For beautiful, behind the scenes photos, further story details, and a wealth of additional information about the film, please see CS Digital Production’s page on La Madame.  You can also check out the CS Digital Production Facebook page.

Shoals Daily will provide updates on La Madame as its release date draws closer.  Be sure to check back soon!





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