Local Music Review – Handshake Promise

Saturday night on Court Street was buzzing with the rich music of Handshake Promise. These veteran Shoals Area musicians focus on energetic live shows and recording, and it’s obvious. Luckily, FloBama’s open space gave the large crowd room to mill about and let the rhythm flow.

Carl Damone’s lead vocals were harmonically clear and the energetic crowd communication was welcoming. Gaheb Hollis’s thick bass lines could be felt thrumming through every solid surface and smoothly flowed. Michael (Batman) Keeton’s steady drum fills were rhythmic and strong, leaving the listener unable to resist bobbing. Richard Kitchens lead guitar was fantastic with perfect precision. I am always amazed by finger tapping, and this guy is a master!

Handshake Promise never fails to entertain me. Their vast range of music assures that there is music for everyone to enjoy. The best moment for me was a funky 90’s medley that covered just about every cheesy song I remember. No spoilers though – if you want to know which cheesy favorites, you have to go see them. I promise it is worth at least a handshake.

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Amy Burgess is a writer who has found her home in the Shoals Area.  Her chronic illness challenged her to find function in the dysfunction.  Learning ways to manage has unlocked a love of research.  Amy’s blog chronicles her journey to wellness.   Take care of yourself, because you ~>ARE<~ worth it!


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