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People often think music when they think of the Shoals.  Swampers, W.C. Handy, Muscle Shoals Sound, and Fame all have deep roots here. This has created space for plenty of music venues to promote the creativity that flows so freely in the area. Our area is a flourishing environment for musicians, providing entertaining weekends for our community and guests visiting our beautiful home.  But the Shoals is blessed with another wondrous natural resource – our waterways.

Last weekend my partner Dan and I thought it would be fun to go to Shoals Creek with a banjo to play Dueling Banjos for canoers. It was quite entertaining even though the only boats that went by were speed boats, so we are pretty sure no one heard the free show we gave them.

As we were goofing off I thought about how many beautiful waterways run through our community. Shoal Creek, Tennessee River, Cypress Creek, Bear Creek, Elk River, and many other smaller creeks and streams. There are so many water recreational activities available in the Shoals.

Shoal Creek gladly offered the time and space we needed. As my tension melted away in the warm sunlight I pondered all the things I still want to do on the beautiful waters flowing through our home. My grandparents live on Shoal Creek, so I have memories of all kinds of different activities like swimming, boating, canoeing, jet skis, fishing, cliff diving, and family barbecues by the water.

McFarland Park and the Florence Marina sit on the Tennessee River. The marina has benches and swings overlooking the river offering a wonderful and relaxing view. There are plenty of playgrounds and boat docks, one of which anchor’s Stanfield’s River Bottom Grill a floating restaurant that regularly hosts local musicians. Next to the marina is McFarland Park complete with a beach, and a disc golf course.  Just beware of water hazards.

I had so much fun in Wildwood Park taking pool floats and walking up stream, then floating down the Cypress Creek.  Just a note for those who may be interested in this relaxing activity: I don’t suggest using a pool float if you put in at Cox Creek Parkway, because it took almost 5, hours to make it to Wildwood Park, far longer than the 2 hours we expected from using a canoe.

The possibilities of water activities are endless in the Shoals. What do you enjoy doing on the water?


Amy Burgess

About Amy Amy Burgess is a writer who has found her home in the Shoals Area. Her chronic illness challenged her to find function in the dysfunction. Learning ways to manage has unlocked a love of research. Amy’s blog chronicles her journey to wellness. She has learned the healing benefits of taking care of herself and she challenges you to take care of yourself, because you ~>ARE<~ worth it!


Shoal Creek
Shoal Creek between Florence and Killen
Spring Park in Tuscumbia
Spring Park in Tuscumbia

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