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Most of us get uncomfortable with discussions about destruction. It is hard to think about things being shattered beyond repair. However, artists learn that the art of creation begins with destruction. Stained glass artists learn that precisely broken glass can be shaped, the edges smoothed, and shattered shards can be fused together to become an illuminated masterpiece.

John P. Magazzu opened Stained Glass Artistry in Florence around 15 years ago. His love of the art inspired him to share this creative experience with anyone who is interested. The studio, in the back of the store, located at 116 West Mobile Street, is open at least once a week for classes. Anyone, regardless of level, can participate. The classes available are: beginner, intermediate, advanced, small 3-D stained glass project, mosaic / stepping stones, and various private lessons and group sessions.

I had the opportunity to chat with Jennifer Reynolds, artisan at Stained Glass Artistry and a local multi-genre author. When I asked her about the benefits of taking a class she excitedly told me how much fun people have when they are trying something new. This class is the perfect opportunity to try an art that is kind-of dangerous while being fairly safe. Of course any art that uses broken glass and soldering irons hot enough to melt metal is a bit risky.

With so many big stained glass windows in Florence, I was curious to know which large project was her favorite. Jennifer liked the Salvation Army Church window because the color pallet mixed well, the pattern flowed nicely, and it had an amazing usage of gems in the piece.

It was a pleasure to find such a beautiful shop located right here in downtown Florence. If you are looking for something beautiful for yourself or a gift check out the many beautiful pieces in the front of the store. If you’re wanting to experience a destructive and beautiful art take a class. My upcoming stained glass project is to replace the front panel of a guitar with stained glass. I am looking forward to Breaking Glass with Them!

For more information on Stained Glass Artistry visit them on Facebook or e-mail them.

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  1. Thank you for an amazing article on out studio. We look forward to working with you on your guitar. 🙂 🙂

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